Real Exercise Life Clients Share Real Stories



Nicole S.

Math Teacher

Rick is awesome! I have been consistantly training with Rick twice a week for the past 6 weeks. He will work your butt off and keep you motivated along the way with positive encouragement! I have learned so much about trigger point and the importance of regeneration of the body. As I am training for a marathon, Rick goes above and beyond to message and see how my long runs went before we even meet for our next session. Rick truly has his best interest in his clients!

Marshall_Paul.jpgPaul M.

Project Manager at Blue Damen Pictures

In Paris weighing in at 315lbs. For the first time in a long time I had to walk miles everyday just to get anywhere. I was out of breathe and sweating constantly. I was embarrassed about my weight, because I stood out from the Europeans and looked the part of a fat American. After dropping down to 250lbs, I lost most of the double chin and I feel healthier. I want to thank you for pushing me as hard as you did. Following up with phone calls and the encouragement you gave me when I wanted to stop. I want to continue working out with, and lose another 70+ lbs. With you by my side I feel this is a reasonable goal to reach. Thank you Rick for everything you've done.


Brad W.

Dean of Education

I met Rick when Elijah Running Club visted John Hall Studios for tips on strength training to compliment our running regimen. His knowledge, motivation and overall energy compelled me to sign up for his boot camp and he has been awesome! Rick has a holistic approach to working with clients that ultimately helps your mind, body and spirit. Rick has helped me to improve my runs by showing me proper running technique to avoid injury, strentghen key body areas, and improve my cardio vascular stamina. He is the Best!!