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Activated Charcoal: Asset or Liability

Aug 01, 2015

I only suggest things that I have used personally, and seen results. So, I decided to endorse the positive results that I encountered with Activated Charcoal. First, this is actually charcoal that is heated with a gas that allows the charcoal to produce pores. Secondly, less than a teaspoon is more than enough to take. Third, drink it with water and make sure you are hydrated.  AC is used to detoxify the body by binding to toxins in the body once ingested and the elimination process begins.  I have experimented with pre-work out supplements, test boosters, and other supplements that did yield forth results and other undesired side effects.  The past 3 months I've added a Pre-work to my workout routine, and I've added Bacon to my diet after not eating Bacon for years.  3 months afterwards I noticed a slight headache and a little dizziness.  While training other clients, I decided to take my Blood Pressure and the readings were 155/96.  Too High.  I never had high blood pressure in my life. Tip top condition.  So, I could only point to certain things that caused it and that was supplements & bacon.  Then, I decided to go on a leafy green diet with plenty of bananas, orange juice and water. I also took activated charcoal and my BP went to 117/68.  I'm not bashing the Pre-Workouts or Bacon, but you must know your body. If what you are eating is having a negative impact on you. Stop!  my BP ran high for 5-10 days before I noticed it, but drastic changes were made. Now, I am back to regulated BP.  My BP usually is 107/65.  Know your body! Only eat those things that are natural and comes from the earth. Train Right Live Tight!


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